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EURUSD Likely To Resume Bullish Trend (4hr Tf Analysis)

Price action above can be described by a 3 wave move in what seems to be shaping up as an expanded flat (3-3-5) Elliott wave structure. We are currently finishing intermediate wave C which implies that the sell off is not yet complete.

The target area that I favor for the EURUSD to find support is Support 3 ( between 1.21233 and 1.21396) because this support region coincides with Intermediate wave C

i.e. wave (C) ~ = 138.2% intermediate wave (A), which is acceptable.
Once the move is complete to Support 3, the EURUSD should move back up as an impulse move or another 3 waves move back upwards.

Since both scenarios point upwards, I will look for an entry point to go long IF the EURUSD hits support 3 and holds in the support region.
My least target would be Ceiling 2 which is between 1.25326 and 1.25329

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