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Possible upside potential for Lisk (LSKBTC): 4hr tf analysis

The 4hr tf downtrend in Lisk (LSKBTC) from Feb. 10 2018 to March 15 2018 has been identified as the termination of intermediate wave (A) with 3 minor subwaves W-X-Y. Price has currently broken above the latest downtrend line which is also the top of the of the wedge (ending diagonal) for the minor wave Y position.


The current set up offers a risk to reward of ~3:3 if 0.00167814 is used as the point of entry into the trade with position closed when the market reaches the bottom of the target area (0.00271562)

Target area is between 0.00271562 and 0.00288088

POI (point of invalidation) at which point the trade will be exited is a price close below 0.00136139



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