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RIPPLE (XRPUSD) 4hr tf analysis

My previous post on XRPUSD (Ripple) can be found here:

Analysis of XRPUSD then called for a minute wave ((y)) back upwards to ~$0.74 for XRPUSD to finish a minor wave 4 position and then collapse for a minute wave ((v)). XRPUSD did not return for minute wave ((y)), but instead continued the sell off.


Price action at the time of this post appears to have completed a minor wave ((v)) which also = termination of minor wave 5. This implies that XRPUSD should sustain its current bullish momentum. A probable target for XRP is the region of the 4th wave of the previous degree ( i.e. minor wave 4) which has been identified in this analysis to be  between $0.69 and $0.72.

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