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XRPUSD (Ripple)1 hour tf analysis

Price action for XRPUSD (Ripple) from open ~$0.46 on April 01, 2018 up to price close of ~$0.55 on April 04,2018 is identified in this analysis as a Minute wave ((a)). A 3 wave (corrective) move back to ~$0.46 i.e. Minute wave ((b)) implies that the entire structure should be a regular flat Elliott wave structure. Minute wave ((c)) is expected to retrace Minute wave (a) by 100%.

Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Other projections for the likely end of Minute wave ((c)) are 123.6% or 138.2% of wave ((a)), which are ~$0.55 and ~$0.57 respectively.

POI (Point of invalidation) is a price close below $0.46.

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