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Ethereum Classic’s  (ETCUSD) 4hr tf update

My previous post on ETCUSD can be found here:

Ethereum Classic’s current uptrend on the 4hr tf has been updated with the possibility of a Minor and intermediate wave degree terminating at ~$13.15 on April 06,2018, which both support the establishment of the current uptrend.

ETCUSD mennnnn

The most likely target for Ethereum classic is the 4th wave of the previous degree (i.e. Minor wave 4). This region has been indicated on the chart (~ $20.83 and ~$20.13). It would be great to see Ethereum classic hold in the region of the target area with another 3 wave correction established, as this would imply even further higher price for Ethereum Classic

Point of invalidation (POI) for this analysis is a price close below ~$13.72.

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