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Time to buy Ethereum (ETHUSD)?

The 1 hour timeframe of Ethereum (ETHUSD) is shown in this analysis with the sideways movement in price action from August 12, 2018 till current date captured with a symmetrical triangle chart pattern. Similar chart pattern mentioned here for example helped capture over 100 points move in the S&P500 (SPX).

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At least two points of contact on each trendline used to draw the chart pattern makes it valid as shown by the green ellipses. The implication of the pattern is a stalemate between Ethereum bulls and bears, and of importance is the fact that the triangle is coming after a downtrend in Ethereum, which therefore opens up the possibility of a bullish move.

$304.07 is used in this analysis to indicate a breakout to the upside, while $270.08 is used to indicate a downside ejection out of the chart pattern.

~$82.49 is used as the width of the triangle (i.e. $330.85 minus $248.36), so that a bullish move to the upside can be expected to target ~$387. A downside projection of the triangle can be expected to target ~$187.

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