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EA Stock Analysis: Intraday Timeframe Chart Pattern

Conclusion for today’s EA stock analysis:

A close above ~102.38 implies higher prices in EA (Electronic Arts Inc.)

Intraday timefame chart of EA is examined in this analysis using a 6 hour candlestick chart. The main consideration and focus is the tentative bullish price channel that is highlighted on the chart. Ellipses on the chart indicate pivots used to draw the channel with a price low of  90.25 (on June 04, 2019) establishing the most recent price level for the channel.

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EA stock price.EA (Electronic Arts Inc.)

Immediate resistance and price level that presents a challenge for the price of EA is between 102.38 (upper boundary of resistance) and 99.15 (lower boundary of resistance).

Price successfully closing above 102.38 implies higher prices in EA (Electronic Arts) and the expected target of the bullish price swing is the upper boundary of the current channel at ~ 126.93.

Less conservative strategies to initiating a long (buy) position(s) would seek to enter a trade prior to the upper boundary (102.38) giving way and stop losses ideally should be placed just below the lower boundary of the bullish channel at ~89.65.

Conservative strategies on the other hand to enter a long (order) can be carried out on a breakout above 102.38.

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