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Bitcoin Technical Analysis: 6 Hour Time frame Chart Patterns.

Conclusion for today’s Bitcoin technical analysis:

Price closing below ~8883.35 implies lower prices for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin technical analysis for today (July 21, 2019) is carried out on an intraday timeframe (6 hour) candlestick chart. A log scale of the chart shows the bullish trendline drawn for Bitcoin that has been active since March of 2019.


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The trendline was successfully tested on April 29, 2019 and again on 17 July 2019 when price reached a low of ~9092.00. These imply higher prices for Bitcoin (BTCUSD).

However, bearish signs that indicate caution for the current uptrend include price reaching a peak of 13,200 before turning downwards, and also the July 14, 2019 break of the internal trendline. Last but not the least providing evidence for a bearish bias is the price channel (tentative) highlighted on the chart.

Price level of support as indicated on the chart is between 9713.57 and 8883.35. A break below the lower boundary of support (8,883.35) which also coincides with the lower boundary of the channel increases the likelihood of a downtrend.

Bitcoin targeting the low 7,000’s on a close below 8,883.35 is therefore highly likely.

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