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IOTA bulls stepping in- 4hr tf analysis

The downtrend line in IOTA that started from price high of $5.80 made on Dec. 19, 2017 to a price low of $1.20 (Feb. 6 2018) is shown on the chart. Currently, price action has successfully broken the downtrend line and managed to stay above it. This argues for a bullish bias in IOTA.

Besides, I have also used a curve on the chart to show the bottom action of price in IOTA. It currently also looks like IOTA is forming an inverted, complex Head and shoulder pattern (or a complex Head and shoulder bottom).It is NOT yet a complex inverted H&S pattern yet. Price MUST close above the pink line (~$2.17) for the inverted complex H&S to be confirmed.

Possible target area for the trade is shown between $4.02 and $4.23. A quick deep in price to about the $1.85 area would be a great target to get into the trade. Price moving back below the downtrend line would make me reconsider my bullish thesis for IOTA and I would look to exiting the trade or drastically cutting the size of my position.
POI = point at which the trade is no longer valid = Close of price below the low made on Feb 6 2018 = ~$1.20
Using $1.85 as my trade entry point and $1.20 as the POI, risk – $0.65
Reward = Potential Profit = $4.02 – $1.85 = $2.17
Risk/reward ratio = ~3.4

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IOTA poised for bull move- 4hr tf analysis

The 3 wave move in IOTA from a price high of $5.80 made on Dec. 19, 2017 to a price low of $1.20 (Feb. 6 2018) can be described as a WXY Elliott wave structure. IOTA will possibly move back up as a 3 wave move or an impulse move. Either scenario calls for a bull move in IOTA. Besides, price breaking and closing above the downtrend line as shown on the chart also supports a bullish case for IOTA


Possible price target area or Point of entry is taken as $1.85 as the current move from the low of Feb 6 is shaping up possibly as a leading diagonal (wedge) so a quick deep in price action will be used as a point of trade entry.

POI = Point at which this trade scenario is no longer valid = $1.20

The minimum target area for IOTA is between $4.02 and $4.23

Assuming the scenario above is IDEAL and prices deep quickly to the $1.85 area,
Risk on the trade = $1.85 – $1.20 = $0.65 cents
Potential Profit = $4.02 – $1.85 = $2.17
Risk/reward ratio = ~3.4

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Elliott waves point to higher prices for Monero (4hr tf) analysis

Monero move sold off from a high of $477 on Dec. 20, 2017 to a low of $151.54 on Feb. 6 2018 in what can be described as a WXY Elliot wave structure. This 3 wave move should be followed by another 3 wave move upwards or the start of an impulsive move upwards that can see Monero move past its old price high of $477.


POI = Point of invalidation at which price ($203.02) this analysis is no longer valid.

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Short tf (4hr) analysis of Etherium classic

Etherium classic seems to have moved sold off from its previous high of $47.249 made on December 14 2017. The sell off shaped up as a WXY Elliot wavestructure. The move back in Etherium classic signifies either a resumption of a trend (bull) in Etherium classic or a 3w move back up. This implies a move back up in the price of Etherium classic.

POI = Point of invalidation at which point this analysis is no longer valid. Arrows are used to show the possible path of price movement.


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Short term [4hr tf] Analysis for Cardano sell off!

Cardano, the 5th biggest cryptocurrency based on market capital has been selling off against Bitcoin ever since it made its high of 0.00009180 btc on Jan. 4, 2018. The current sell off in Cardano (ADABTC) can be described as a WXY Elliott wave structure after the end of an Elliott wave cycle (i.e. Wave w in red). Cardano sell off

The long term trendline (green color) of ADABTC is also shown on the chart. A Daily close below the trendline is also another reason to believe that the sell off will continue in ADABTC.

Target area (support) is between 0.00002621 and 0.00002178 as shown by the blue lines on the chart. A 100% projection of Wave Y based on Wave W i.e. ((W)) gives 0.00002768 which is marked on the chart with the orange line. This is close to the support area and blue and therefore gives a higher chance of ADABTC selling off to reach this target area.