What is the difference between Coin Analyst website and the free posts on Social media sites?

Coin Analyst does maintain a social media presence for strategic purposes. The major advantage is simply getting the trade entry hours to days before any social media posts. Posts on social media sites are going to be provided for trades that are already well past entry and/or exit points and will never be as detailed as research and analysis provided to subscribers.

Do you have any discount?

Unfortunately, no discount is available at the moment.

How long will account activation take after I have made a payment to subscribe?

Account activation should take less than an hour. The only delay might be from waiting for payment to be received.

A notification should be sent to you upon receipt of your payment

Do you accept Bitcoin or other alternative cryptocurrencies (alt coin) for payment?

Not at the moment. However, effort is currently being made to process Bitcoin and altcoin as payment methods

Do you have a free trial?

Coin Analyst’s website do not provide free trials on the subscription, but if you have not followed Coin Analysts actionable trade ideas before, feel free to see all historical trading history on the blog section of the website

How are notifications for buy or sell signals received?

All members will have 24/7 access to reports based on what plan is signed up for. Reports will have trades analyzed so that there is more than enough time to enter trades. Updates to trades will also be provided in a timely fashion and uploaded in the member area.