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1 Agreement and General Terms of Use

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4 Fees, payments, registration, refunds and/or cancellations

 The User is required to have a username and password in order to be able to access the services offered by Coinanalyst.investments. User is solely responsible for the confidentiality of a username and password and agrees not to distribute, transfer or resell the use of or access to the service to any third party. Doing so will result in SUSPENSION of your account and no refunds will be issued for such a violation.

User is bound by the following payment terms set forth herein when the User becomes a paid member (“subscriber, member”) of the services offered by Coinanalyst.investments.

  • Except as set forth herein or as described by offers made from time to time, access to the entire service requires payment and rates vary. User that subscribes to the services of the Site must provide information that is complete, accurate and up to date.


  • User agrees to pay Coinanalyst.investments all such fees, charges, and applicable taxes for the service where enrolment in the services offered by the Site has been made via the User’s credit card or other means, whether it is made by the User or on behalf of the User by someone else in the User’s household or organization on behalf of the User.


  • User acknowledges paying investments for the service regardless of whether the service is used or not. Unless User enrols as part of a free trial, an obligation to pay for the services offered begins on the date of enrolment for the service, not the date User first uses the service. If made available, free trial or free access periods to use of the service also begin on the date the User enrols in the free trial for the service and not the date the User first uses service during the free trial period.

  Monthly Auto-pay membership:

 User acknowledges that all monthly memberships are for the duration of one month. Coinanalyst.investments charges with payments renewing automatically at the end of each month for the monthly membership plan.

 Amount charged for the monthly membership is stated at the time of enrolment in services offered and remains valid for the period during which the User is enrolled for the service. Coinanalyst.investments reserves the right to change the price paid for subscription after the User (you) signs up. In the event that a fee increase occurs, Users will be notified as soon as possible.

 Refunds and Money-back Guarantee 

It costs time, effort and money to have the research and analysis done.

Coinanalyst.investments offers no refund on the recurring membership because the payments are very low i.e. $29.99 US dollars (USD) per month for either Cryptocurrency newsletter or Foreign Exchange (FX) letter or alternatively, $49.99 US dollars per month for both Cryptocurrency and Foreign exchange (FX) newsletter.

We employ this low fee instead of a 100% refund policy because unfortunately, some people out there do buy memberships, access extremely valuable research and analysis offered by the Site, take full advantage of the services that other subscribers have paid for, and then ask for a refund.

User can cancel his/her subscription at anytime during the its term. However, Coinanalyst.investments does not prorate any charges, fees or applicable taxes associated with services offered upon any cancellation or termination and neither will any refund be made for any term already charged. When a User cancels, his/her subscription will continue till the auto-renewal date.

Within reasonable bounds, Coinanalyst.investments will try and return a cancellation confirmation to the email address on file for if a User terminates his/her subscription. User should retain the information confirming the cancellation. If User does NOT receive a confirmation for termination of his/her subscription, it is quite possible that something went wrong, and request for cancellation was not received.

 User agrees to take full responsibility to make sure that the request for cancellation or subscription is received by Coinanalyst.investments.

Requests for cancellation should be sent via email to coinanalyst.investments@gmail.com

The Site, its moderator and/or affiliates are not responsible for requests that go unanswered as the request was likely never received.

Management of subscription Automatic Renewal

User can manage subscription by logging into the member area of the site on Coinanalyst.investments and clicking on “Manage’.

Depending on which plan User selects, ALL subscriptions are for the duration of one month. User’s subscription will automatically renew at the end of each month. User agrees that his/her subscription can be renewed automatically and his/her account charged on the same day, after subscribing, and every subsequent month after (“The Renewal Date”), unless the User cancels subscription before renewal date.

Coinanalyst.investments will renew the User’s subscription automatically each year on The Renewal Date unless Coinanalyst.investments terminates services offered or User (you) cancel your subscription.

Credit card or the form of payment offered by the User is automatically debited or charged unless User cancels his/her account or subscription.

User MUST CANCEL PRIOR TO YOUR SUBSCRIPTION RENEWAL TO STOP ANY FURTHER CHARGE(S). User can cancel subscription at any time during enrolment for services offered by Coinanalyst.investments.

Use of Multiple accounts

 No refunds will be given in the event that it is determined that a User has multiple accounts. In such a situation, the User’s account will be terminated immediately without warning and no refunds will be issued.

Registering with new account or use of multiple email addresses in an attempt to avoid payment for services offered by coinanalyst.investments is ABSOLUTELY forbidden. User’s who have been subscribers in the past should use the existing account for renewal. User that does not recall login details should use “forgot password” link on the member login section of the Site. Alternatively, User (you) can contact coinanalyst.investments@gmail.com

 Coinanalyst.investments does not profess to be a professional investment advisor and STRONGLY advises all users and viewers of the Site to consult their own personal financial advisors, brokers, attorneys, and accountants before making any investment decision.

Coinanalyst.investments and/or independent consultants or members of their families could possibly have positions in the securities mentioned. Investing and trading carries a huge amount of risk and should NOT be undertaken without professional advice. User agrees that by reading the independent market research and analysis, the User (you) fully and explicitly agrees that Coinanalyst.investments will not be held responsible or liable for any decisions the User (you) make regarding any information discussed herein.